What is a FIP school?
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What is a FIP school?

What is a FIP school?

It takes the commitment of all members of a school community—leaders, teachers, students, and parents—to become a FIP School. The mission of FIP Your School is to provide implementation  support to advance the use of formative instructional practices to accelerate student learning.

In a FIP School:

• School leaders model formative instructional practices
• Teachers work together to improve their practice
• Students are engaged in their learning
• Parents understand what their children should know and be able to do

School Leaders model formative instructional practices

In a FIP School, leaders model and support the practices they want teachers and students to master. School leaders provide effective feedback, establish clear learning targets, and create structures
that foster success.

Teachers work together

FIP Schools embrace a collaborative culture that supports teachers’ efforts to improve their practice. Teachers work together to embed formative instructional practices in their classrooms, learn from each other, and develop shared expectations of what students should know and be able to do.

Students are engaged

Students in a FIP School are fully engaged in their learning. They understand what they are learning and why. They see and are motivated by evidence of their progress.

Parents understand what students are learning

In a FIP School, parents are clear about the learning targets and understand what their child should know and be able to do. As a result, they can better support their child’s learning at home.

Click here to download the “Fip Your School” brochure.

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