Placing students at the centre of their learning
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Placing students at the centre of their learning

Teachers typically receive guidance on what to teach but are often left on their own to figure out how to teach it.

Sound instructional strategies are at the root of a student-centred learning environment.

Teachers and schools across Ireland are using Formative Instructional Practices to:

  • Personalise instruction
  • Implement more rigorous academic standards
  • Engage students in their learning
  • Build teachers’ capacity to serve as instructional leaders
  • Prepare teachers to reach diverse learners
  • Create personalised pathways for college and career readiness

Creating and using Clear Learning Intentions

Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Student Learning

Using Evidence and Feedback to Increase Learning

Fostering Student Ownership of Learning

Download the Learning Together brochure here.

Listening to student voice to get a more complete picture of what your students need to succeed

No single measure can capture the complexity of teaching and learning, but there is evidence that student feedback, when combined with other measures, can be a powerful tool to inform teacher practice and improve outcomes for students.

The Student Experience® Survey was developed by Battelle for Kids in collaboration with Gallup® to capture classroom-level feedback from students to help teachers create a learning experience that supports student success now and in the future.

The survey captures feedback around four key themes:


Research indicates that Hope is a really robust predictor of ongoing college enrollment and success.
- Shane J. Lopez, Ph. D., Gallup Senior Scientist and author of Making Hope Happen
It was a great tool, and my students enjoyed taking it. I found that it facilitated the type of discussions I like to have with my students - a community feel in my classroom.
- Irish Teacher

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