Pilot Study
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Pilot Study

To avail of FREE ACCESS TO EVALUATE both Formative Instructional Practices and The Student Experience® Survey in your school.

Free Evaluation (Immediately)

for a Principal and one Teacher (optional) to evaluate both FIP and The Student Experience Survey.

A Pilot Study was carried out in 2016 to determine the suitability and adaptability of Battelle for Kids tools to Irish education.

An external evaluation, using qualitative and quantative methods, focus groups and exit interviews, accurately captured the perceptions and feedback of principals and teachers.

The 10 participating schools in this study explored how Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) and feedback from the Student Experience Survey® can be used to support student success in Ireland and to foster a learner-centered environment.

Pilot Study Findings

Positive Effect on Student Outcomes0%
Expectations for Students Pushed Upwards0%
Immediate Positive Impact on Teaching0%

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