About Learning Together
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About Learning Together

Positive Effect on Student Outcomes0%
Expectations for Students Pushed Upwards0%
Immediate Positive Impact on Teaching0%
Gallup Students Poll 2013 - Learning Together Ireland
Learn how using Battelle for Kids’ resources can benefit Irish schools

Learning Together

  • Is an Irish not-for-profit organization supporting Irish education to improve teaching and learning.
  • Is committed to creating partnerships with Irish schools that provide teachers and leaders of education and training with innovative services, solutions, and products to accelerate student success.
  • Is the Exclusive Partner of Battelle for Kids in Ireland and Europe, distributing and supporting online blended learning resources.
  • Promotes best practice in formative assessment teaching methods and assessment for teachers in Ireland.
  • Helps teachers to better understand where students are at in their learning, and how to provide differentiated instructions to cater for individual needs.
  • Promotes students’  motivation to learn and person engagement.
  • Enhances student learning effectiveness.
Find out how to foster a learner-centered environment in your classroom

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